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The AvenzaMaps App allows KML/KMZ files to be downloaded and provide map overlays. Some of our maps have points of interest associated with them and are available to download. These may be tourist attractions, trails, or street name gazetteers.

Currently available KML files are shown in the table below along with the download URL. This same hyperlink can be used within the PDF Maps App to download the data directly:

Within the AvenzaMaps App, from the displayed map select the “Map Features” icon. Select “Import”. Select “Import Data from KML”.
In the “FROM THE WEB” text box enter the appropriate URL, e.g.

Map (Avenza Maps – opens new window)Point of interest
Stockholm Street Map
Tourist POI
Prague Tourist MapPaul’s Places
Tourist Attractions
Cafes and fastfood
London Tourist Street MapTube Stations
Tourist Attractions
Isle Of Wight Leisure Map
Isle Of Wight Street Map
Berlin Tourist Street Map
Berlin Central Street Map
Tourist Spots
U-Bahn stations and lines
S-Bahn stations